Magic Formula and Acquirer's Multiple for Colombo Stock Exchange

Long term investors like Warren Buffet make investment decisions mainly based on the value of the company. Buffett himself follows the value investing principle introduced by Benjamin Graham in his books; Security Analysis (1934) and The Intelligent Investor (1949). This unique method looks for share prices that are low based compared to their intrinsic value.

Many investors use this philosophy today with many adjustments that match the modern electronic stock trading trends.
We, at Kaalama, have developed a unique algorithm to employ the said principle to Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE), Sri Lanka, where we calculate two indicators known as the Magic Formula (based on ideas of Joel Greenblatt) and Acquirer's Multiple (based on ideas of Tobias E. Carlisle).

Investment Method

*This is not financial advice but simply explaining the method that we use.

According to this method, the stock with the lowest Magic Formula is the most undervalued stock in the current market. One may invest in an undervalued stock with the expectation of a capital gain within 3-18 months.

One may

  1. Select 5-10 stocks from the following list,

  2. One could consider them as the most undervalued stocks in the market but with a good reputation,

  3. Divide his/her total investment equally and invest in all of the selected,

  4. May watch the gains and losses weekly or even daily as time permits,

  5. If some stocks have gained profits more than 5%,

    1. One may sell them off at a profit and reinvest based on the magic formula,

    2. If the best option as per the magic formula is still the same stock, one may not sell it but hold till further appreciation,

  6. If some stocks have made losses below 5% and older than one year, one may sell them off to recover the capital and reinvest in other stocks based on the magic formula again,

  7. This method is known to generate a considerably higher number of profitable trades than losses. However, you shall do your own research and invest as this is not any financial advice.

Our Calculation of the Magic Formula

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