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Due to some technical difficulties and growth requirements we have decided to move the Club’s interface to the following platform with a new name.

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200 days EMA seems to be strong. I still believe in an upcoming exponential rally.
It’s time to check the on chain data again.


Shake outs are normal in the Crypto market but this time it’s too much manipulation in my opinion.
All went against even on chain data that generally is never wrong. It’s wrong when it’s made wrong aka market manipulations.
Just my opinion.

This unlikely event happened which is not exactly the expected.
But we don’t lose money as long as we do t sell at a loss. We just wait for the market to correct itself.
We are still very bullish!!

As expected 100 Days EMA was a strong support and RSI shows a buy signal too.
But we are still not out of the woods. Unless a significant buying pressure develops, BTC could test the 200 Days EMA as well. Yet the long term tread is extremely bullish.
#bitcoin #kcpclub


Expected 74k, but what I got was 54k. Yet, I’m still expecting a strong come back specially after such a consolidation. #bitcoin

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