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“Just Copy My Moves and Make Some Money”

New to Cryptocurrency trading? Are you focused and patient? Good.

  • - No Technical Analysis Required

  • - No Fundamental Analysis Required

  • - No Knowledge Required

  • - Just Copy My Trades and Make Some Money

Please Read This Very Carefully!

Trading Cryptocurrency is high risk, but it can also be very rewarding. If you would like to first "test it" with no risk at all and then later move on to the risky game with confidence, you are at the right place.

Crypto trading always carries the possibility of wiping out your account balance due to a market crash (we have not seen such a thing yet) or the coin you invest may never regain its original value.

Fortunately, it can also carry the reward of making up to 30% monthly returns consistently if done correctly with average market conditions. That is up to 360% per year.

Please Visit here for last month’s Profit Report and Market Analysis.

Now, if you would like to move up from "Zero Risk Taker" to "Reward Hunter" you are again in the right place.

Here is the deal that I offer:

I share my crypto trades with you (what I buy, when I buy with my profit targets and stop losses) and you are free to copy them one to one. I do not promise you anything but as you can assume that "I DO NOT trade to lose my money".

Now, here is the deal:

  1. Sign up for below for FREE access to see all my trading moves for 2 months

    1. Do NOT waste those 2 months as it is a one time offer.

  2. Then, open a Binance account via my referral link :

    1. Your photo, Driving licence and or passport will be verified via Binance and duplicate accounts or fake accounts will not be approved. Any attempt to cheat the system will get your identity banned permanently.

    2. It is mandatory to use our referral link as that is how we verify your account. If you already have a verified binance account, please submit it when you register for Kaalama Crypto Pro with a note for special consideration.

  3. During the first 30 days, you will do paper trading only to test it.

    1. Take a notebook and start a $1000 cash account. That is your virtual fund to trade.

    2. Then copy my trades to your virtual cash account (like playing a game) as if you actually buy and sell crypto from the market.

    3. Make sure to do it within a 2 minute time window at the market price as shown in Binance that is close to the price I bought. If you are 2 minutes late, you will get a slightly different price but it is not a problem. Google and learn how to paper trade the traditional way, you do not need any simulator or app for it.

    4. If you follow my exact footsteps within the 2 minute window with care and discipline, you will end up with a very profitable virtual cash account.

    5. Always keep in touch with your Kaalama Messenger Inbox and the Crypto Pro interface time as we may be highly active during some days and you may receive notifications within 10 minutes or more. Exiting trades are mostly via pre planned sell orders.

    6. That is your firsthand experience and proof that it works.

    7. If you are still not convinced, use the second month as well for paper trading and be convinced, no obligations.

  4. During the second 30 days, you will deposit funds to your Binance account and verify your account.

    1. First make sure that you have opened the binance account from our referral link which is https://www.binance.com/en/register?ref=139754063

    2. We recommend depositing less than $500 at first as you are new to this. You can deposit more after a few months of real results.

    3. After opening the account as above,

      1. Buy Bitcoin with a Debit Card, Credit Card, or via Bank Transfer

      2. If your country does not allow to transfer funds for crypto apps, then use the P2P service: Buy Bitcoin Locally with P2P Trading or

      3. Buy Bitcoin with Third-Party Payment Methods

    4. Convert your funds to USDT and follow my trades exactly as you did with paper trading

  5. By the end of the above two months you will have your proof. If you are happy to continue, please pay $10 - $20 per month and convert your account to a Kaalama Crypto Pro full access account.

    1. If you pay, you will get access to my trades and if you do not wish to pay, we will stop right there. No harm, no foul.

    2. Membership Fees

      1. First 2 months : FREE

      2. Second 2 months : $10 per month

      3. 4th Month onwards :

        1. $20 per month or

        2. $15 if you referred one friend

        3. $10 if you referred two friends

        4. How to refer friends to Kaalama: Visit Here

    3. You can pay by Kaalama Coins for this membership as well. One Kaalama Coin = $0.0001 (But you cannot cash out Kaalama Coins).

      1. How do I earn Kaalama Coins? Visit Here

  6. This deal does NOT include :

    1. Profit guarantees or promises

    2. Financial advice

    3. Customer service

    4. Answering your questions

    5. Personal support

    6. Refunding money

    7. But I will just share my crypto trades with you so that you could just follow them if you wish.

    8. You also agree that volatile cryptocurrency investments are always a risk, and willing to take that risk within your limits.

    9. You also agree that this is not financial advice but just sharing information.

That is the deal.

  1. Do you wish to continue with a 2 Months Free Account?

  2. Do you agree to the above details and risk warnings?

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