Update #7to HODL B,

DERC was at 10% profit
It was sold and SIPHER and DAR was bought for the initial investment.

Hodl A:
FTM 20%

Hodl B: 24% Approximately that is allocated as below.

STARS 5.5%, SLIM 2%, ALU 2%, DAR 3%, DYDX 2%, GALA 2%, SAND 1%, AGLD 1%, CHEEMS 1%. MNGO 1%, ATLAS 1% AURY 1%, DFL 1%, CWAR 1%, 1%, SIPHER, 1% BUSD (changes are as above.)

Trading Account (Medium Risk, Medium Reward)

Remaining investment is in ATOM and FTM under 3 open trades.

* Percentages shown are that of the total Crypto Investment (as at beginning of the year) without considering realized or unrealized profit.
*Hodl A: Medium risk medium reward, medium term investments as in loose 0.5x or gain 2x - 3x
* Hodl B: Very high risk high reward medium - long term investments as in loose 100% or gain 500% - 10,000%
* Trading is generally with below medium risk with short -medium term gains where selected assets are within the top 20 of the crypto assets ranking.

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