Why I don’t like Scale Trading?

In my opinion, scale trading is over complicating a simple value investing principle.

Let me explain,
In order to be successful in any long position, the most important single factor is your portfolio selection.

If you select a wrong token, no matter how good your strategy is, you loose. Because it’s value may never revisit your buying price due to fundamental issues. A single bad news or any single event at any time.

On the other hand, if your coin selection is good, you will win even if you just blindly buy and hodl.
So you don’t need any complex trading systems for it. A simple bollinger band in weekly and daily time frames is more than enough with lots of patience.
Because the value of your coin will appreciate due to increasing demand. And that’s due to strong fundamentals where you don’t even know when a good news or a tweet hits the market.

So my suggestion is simply use the KISS rule : Keep it Simple Son (no one likes the word “stupid” there I think 😊).

All the best.

Dr. Buddika Adikari (Ph.D)

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