Manhertz was a bit far as middle-of-the road a player can be last year

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There are many obvious options when Madden 22 coins you are looking for the top Tight Ends for Madden nfl 23. The Bucs' Rob Gronkowski is always likely to be among the best in the league. But there are other players who have switched teams or just entered the league who are likely to be worth considering this season. Certain of these players are preparing themselves for big season with a change of scenery, while others might have needed an extra year in order to really jumpstart their careers. One such player is a rookie player who has the potential to make some huge numbers in his very first season playing in the NFL.

Chris Manhertz Ready For Fresh Start In Madden nfl 23

Chris Manhertz likely isn't going to be on anyone's Madden Ultimate Team Based on what he's done to date. However, the tight end who spent his initial five years on the field with Carolina was set to be the team's starter of the Jacksonville Jaguars in Madden nfl 23. Manhertz has never really been the most popular player. He's usually the complementary tight end that is drawing opponents away from the primary goal. That could change as Jacksonville seeks out a player to run its new, Urban Meyer led offense through.

The Jaguars have a brand new head buy Madden nfl 22 coins coach as well as an entirely new quarterback this year. The team is expected to appear quite differently in Madden nfl 23 than it did in Madden nfl 22. Trevor Lawrence is going to need veteran targets to throw at and Chris Manhertz could fit that requirement. Of course, it's also possible he could be the ultimate flop. Manhertz was a bit far as middle-of-the road a player can be last year. Manhertz started the season with a 70 score and dropped to 69 over the length of the year. He might start or see his rating climb higher than the numbers was his last year. His wild card status is the primary reason it's a player to keep in mind.

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