How To Write A Great Thesis Statement In Ten Easy Steps: A Guide For New Dissertation Writers

A statement explaining the central concept of the essay or research is a Thesis statement. It lies mainly in the first paragraph of the introduction.

A statement explaining the central concept of the essay or research is a Thesis statement. It lies mainly in the first paragraph of the introduction. Writing a good thesis statement can be difficult if you don't have proper guidelines. Students often struggle to get the right direction for their thesis research. The first and foremost step every student must take is to get some preliminary research done on their interest before writing a research statement. It is a symbolic explanation to the reader about the whole research. There are three types of thesis statements.

Concise Thesis statement

The Concise statement uses fewer words in 1 to 2 sentences to explain the whole idea of the research.

Contentious Thesis statement

It is based on some analysis and evidence. The inclusion of facts and figures in these statements is highly objectionable. Facts and figures cannot be manipulated and analysed, so they must not be part of it.

Coherent Thesis statement

According to this statement, everything in the research must refer back to this statement.

Ten Easy Steps to Write a Thesis statement

This article will explain ten easy steps that you can use to write a thesis statement.

Selection of the Subject matter for the research

While selecting the research subject matter is of utmost importance, the researcher must analyse different factors for this. The researcher must be aware of the length of the paper, targeted audiences, and available resources to conduct the research. The researcher must check the university library and online resources to select the most suitable subject matter for the research. The researcher is recommended to choose the subject according to personal interests and skills. In this way, it will ease the research process for the researcher and help in selecting the specific topic for the research. Still if any help is required, best dissertation writing services are there to asssist.

Topic Selection

Keeping in view the subject of the research, the researcher at this stage needs to narrow it down to a specific topic statement. For this, the researcher must have a deep knowledge of the subject and must conduct thorough research to select a particular topic. The researcher must know the stakeholders in the research, key issues, self-awareness, the importance of the research, and the research problem. These factors will help in selecting the most suitable topic for the research.

Take a Stand

A strong statement takes a stand which helps in building an argument. It is based on the whole research and sets its direction. In order to make a solid argument, the researcher must have a solid grip on the topic.


The researcher must make a self-analysis on whether he can present solid justifications in favor of it or not? The selection of the complex statement can result in research challenges. The impact of this statement on the thesis is not limited to the introduction part of the research. However, it is a connection between the various parts of the research. Therefore, the researcher must have a proper grip on the research topic and subject matter so they can properly justify it by conducting relevant research.

Question to design statement

The researcher at this stage has developed the research topic, and the topic may help in deciding the statement. It helps in finding and analysing the aim objective of the study. It cannot be based on a vague statement. Therefore, you need to ensure that it is focused and is in the form of a question.

Initial Answers

A researcher can design a statement after conducting initial research. The initial research must remain specific to the subject matter and the research topic. The draft research will help opt for a solid statement to conduct a compelling study.

Convincing Argument

The thesis statement must be designed to reflect a clear thought and help develop a convincing argument. It is also helpful to gain the attention of the reader. Most readers make decisions by reading the first few lines of the research. As this statement is among the initial line of a research, it significantly impacts the retention of the interested readership.

Knowledge of the Topic

If the researcher does not have sufficient knowledge of the subject matter and topic of the research, then it will be challenging to do relevant research. Suppose the researcher develops a good understanding of the subject matter of the study. In that case, there are chances that he will be able to produce a high-quality statement that can lead to good research.


Brainstorming is the process of engaging thoughts in different ways to develop creative ideas. Such ideas can lead to putting a solid impression on the readers and have an impact on their minds. Brainstorming is the key process of developing a thesis statement according to the research data analysis. The brainstorming process can help develop a good statement that can attract readers' attention.

Refine Statement

To refine the statement for the research, the researcher must know the mechanism to build a solid statement for the thesis. The thesis statement must have a stance according to the arguments you want to use in the research. The strong statements involve a broad topic and subject area to get the relevant data.


A Thesis statement is an essential part of the research as the whole research is dependent on it. I hope the procedure explained in this article will help you to design a solid statement. As it is a complex task, you can take assistance from our experts to help you with your thesis research statement.

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