How Does a Blowing Mould Machine Work

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Blow Bottle Machine are used for forming various kinds of plastic products, the formation is done with a molten tube (referred to as the parison or preform) of thermoplastic material (polymer or resin) and placing the parison or preform within a mold cavity and inflating the tube with compressed air, to take the shape of the cavity and cool the part before removing from the mold.

What materials are used in blow Moulding?

Blow Molding Materials mainly include different grades of polyethylene, polypropylene, nylon, and PET. PET is the most common. The materials are chosen for their physical properties, cost, and environmental utilization. CMP blow molding machine is suitable for P.V.C, H.D.P.E, L.D.P.E, PETG PP materials.

Higher Productivity

Customized non-linear actuators provide speeds up to 1.6 m/s on the mold and carriage axes and provide clamping force up to 80 tons

The Moog Machine Controller provides a repeatable process with higher output through constant monitoring of the quality process, easy adjustments without stopping production, and simple programming on the fly

Higher Quality

Moog actuators control wall thickness through precise horizontal and vertical parison control and Moog’s Machine Controller controls up to 12 programmable axes for wall thickness with adjustments on the fly

Energy Efficiency and Cleaner Operation

In industries like pharmaceuticals, food, automotive, and medical, a cleaner operation is critical when trying to eliminate risk of contamination of plastic material. All-electric motion control is the answer

Moog’s electric solutions for the blow pin axis can save up to 40 percent energy costs than traditional solutions while offering a smaller footprint that takes less floor space

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