Role of Finishers in a Fantasy Cricket Playing XI

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In the cricketing world, a certain type of gameplay plays a very important role in the formation of a team. Players like great openers, death bowlers, and all-rounders help in the perfect formation of a team. But when a team is in fear of losing due to a large run chase in short over format. There comes the role of a hard-hitting finisher. 

India is blessed to get one of the best finishers in the world, the legendary ex-Indian skipper MS Dhoni. The whole cricket fraternity respected him, and he was such a great hard hitter that till the last shot nobody left their seats. There was a phrase that, ‘the game is not yet over when Dhoni is on the crease’. It’s turned out to be true as Dhoni has turned the tables for India in numerous matches. He was the trump card of the Indian Cricket Team, delivered whenever the team needed him. Thus he was in almost everyone’s fantasy cricket team.


After his retirement from international cricket, this very role is picked up by another wicketkeeper-batsman Dinesh Karthik and ace all-rounder Hardik Pandya. 


Both of them delivered exceptional performances during the Indian T20 League. While Hardik drove his team Gujarat to their maiden prestigious silverware, Karthik was the Super Striker of the Series for his extraordinary strike rate in the Indian T20 League 2022. They were surely the best fantasy cricket choices whenever they represented their respective franchises in a fantasy cricket game


Hardik Pandya was injured for a long time and later was expelled from the Indian squad for his poor performance. In the Indian T20 League 2022, he made a smashing comeback, not only in the squad but also in the Playing XI. He is a much more calm and composed player now and has the ability to score runs along with holding the innings. He again became a favourite for Indian cricket fanatics for his all-around performance in both the departments. 


On the other hand, Dinesh Karthik played a very vital role in the Bangalore franchise, which helped him to seal a spot in the upcoming series that the Indian team will play. He redefined himself and made the selectors aware of his value in the Indian squad. It’s quite usual now that if both of them play in this tremendous form then they are also the favourites in the squad for the upcoming T20 World Championship. 


A finisher plays an equally important role as other departments in a team. Thus a player like Hardik who can ball and bat at the same time is useful. Similarly, Karthik is a great wicket-keeper and a swift finisher and there is no doubt about that. 

Thus while playing a fantasy cricket game, players such as these two become favourites for the fantasy cricket app users. Hardik being an all-rounder can also be the captain of the team as he can fit in both the departments. His ability to score quick runs and also scalp wickets makes him a great choice for the role of captain or vice-captain for the fantasy cricket team. A captain earns double credit points and the Vice-captain fetches 1.5X points compared to the rest of the players in the Playing XI. Using your skills in a fantasy cricket game to join multiple contests with several teams helps to understand the tactics of the game and even if you lose you gain a hell lot of knowledge from it. Later that assists you to achieve your target and win massive prizes in contests.

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