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In this Anupama Written Update, we have discussed several aspects of the character - her anger, Pakhi and Kavya's attraction to Adhik, Mehendi rituals, and much more. Read on to find out the latest on these topics. In this episode, Anupamaa is seen protecting Kinjal from Adhik's jealousy. Vanraj is worried about her safety, and Anupamaa is caught in the middle.

Anupama's Anger

After Barkha's angry remarks, Ankush asks Anupama what the incident with the Shah family was and Anupama replies, "I was confused at the entrance. I didn't know that you were married to the Shah family. I was in love with Ankush. It's not good to mix up family and business," she writes. Ankush is shocked to learn that Anupama's children are growing up with Anuj.

Kavya's Attraction Toward Adhik

Kavya's attraction toward Adhik is not completely genuine. It may be that Adhik has already met her father and has been attracted to her. Pakhi, on the other hand, hasn't even met her father. But she has seen his picture on social media and is curious about it. This curiosity leads her to accept his romantic advances. After meeting Adhik, she notices that he is attractive and she feels attracted towards him.

Pakhi's Attraction Toward Adhik

Anupama is currently ruling the television screens of India. Her show, "Anupama", is performing extremely well, topping the BARC ratings every week. The show revolves around the lives of Anupama and Anuj post-marriage. Pakhi is already feeling attracted to Adhik. Meanwhile, Anupama and Vanraj are worried about Pakhi and Adhik's close proximity.

Anupama's Mehendi Rituals

Kavya's audacious demand before Vanraj and her mother makes everyone confused and puzzled. But then, all this seems to change after Anupama's mother makes a shocking demand to Vanraj. Eventually, Vanraj agrees to the bride's request, leaving everyone perplexed. The Mehendi rituals are over, but there are still several things that happen during this time.

Vanraj's jealousy

Kavya is furious when she hears about Vanraj's meeting with Anupama. She lashes out at him for not paying attention to her. However, Kavya is aware that Vanraj used to ignore Anupama before and now, he ignores her. It is obvious that Kavya is jealous. Anupama, on the other hand, feels cheated by Vanraj's love for her.

Kavya's reaction to Anupama's relationship with Anuj

In the 18th December 2021 episode of Anupama, Kavya meets Malvika, her former lover. She asks Anuj to dance, but Anu is not aware of it. Suddenly, Anupama becomes angry with him. She decides to break up with him, though she still has a professional relationship with him. It appears that Kavya will have to deal with the consequences of her actions.

Know more about Anupama Written Update? If you have been watching The Kapil Sharma Show on Zee TV, you must have read the Anupama Written Update. This article covers important details about the storyline in this episode. You will get to know about Anupama's dramatisation, an argument with Anuj, Mehendi rituals, and Vanraj's worries. Read on to know about the most important scenes of the upcoming episode.

Anupama's dramatisation

Anupama's dramatization is gaining huge popularity amongst audiences and has kept them hooked to the screens. When the first episode of the dramatization is aired, Anupama is in a happy mood. She has got an offer from her husband to give their relationship another chance. However, she is not willing to accept it. Her husband, Vanraj, tells her that she did wrong in her first marriage and that it would be better to give it a second chance.

Anupama's argument with Anuj

In this episode, Anupama argues with Anuj about their child and the situation with Vanraj. She is shocked by this and tries to explain that it is not her fault that Vanraj is being so arrogant. She accuses Anuj of standing by Vanraj, which Anupama tries to counter with a remark that Anupama makes while apologizing to him. When Anupama tries to explain, Anuj blames her and says that she has no feelings for him. Barkha takes Anuj's side and blames Anupama for not caring about him.

Anupama's Mehendi Rituals

Anupama and Kavya have decided to get married and the two are eagerly awaiting the Mehendi rituals. But when Kavya tries to make an outrageous demand before Vanraj, everyone is left puzzled. And once Kavya has done so, the Mehendi rituals seem to be a complete waste of time. Here's how they ended up.

Vanraj's worries

Anupama and Vanraj are having a difficult time. After a long fight, Vanraj drives Anuj away from home. In the aftermath, Anupama is beyond comfort. As a result, her siblings start mocking Anupama and Vanraj. As a result, Malvika loses her temper and sends the two siblings home to be with their mothers.

Anupama's apology to Vanraj

In a flashback scene, Anupama has made a heartfelt apology to Vanraj for the incident in the hospital. She was so concerned about Vanraj that she had forgotten his wishes, but her husband is still worried about him. Bapuji asks Anupama to prepare a meal for Vanraj. Kavya, however, reaches outside the hospital thinking that Vanraj has met an accident because of her. She wants him to come back to her and make amends.


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