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Dr. Sonal Anand is considered to be the best IVF doctor in Lucknow associated with Crysta IVF. Book a free consultation now to make your parenthood dream possible.

Today, the advancement in medical technologies and demand for IVF as a fertility procedure is high. With growing cases of infertility among both men and women, IVF has emerged as a ray of hope and new normal of human reproduction for subfertile couples. 

However, choosing a good fertility doctor and IVF clinic can be a cause of contemplation among couples, who desire successful outcomes with their fertility treatment. 

The number of fertility doctors & specialists has grown significantly over the last two decades. Big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Lucknow, are home to some of the best fertility doctors who are pioneers in the field of IVF & infertility treatments

So, choosing the best IVF Doctor can save you from high costs, increase your chance of conceiving, and may also help you cope with the physical and emotional turmoil associated with it. 


Here are some of the tips on how to find the best IVF doctor in Lucknow

IVF Clinic Staff

Along with a good IVF doctor, other staff in the clinic can make you feel hopeful throughout your treatment. As patients rely on the fertility team to schedule appointments, coordinate treatments, facilitate testing, and monitor progress. Therefore, the staff is as important as choosing the best fertility doctor


Doctors' Experience

Getting IVF treatment from a well-acclaimed & highly experienced fertility expert can significantly increase the chances of its success as they can understand your medical condition & complications a lot better and so can plan an individualized treatment based on that.


Level of Communication

Is your fertility doctor easily approachable? Communication is the most essential component when undergoing fertility treatment like IVF. Choose the doctor and fertility clinic that are available to answer your questions, emails, and messages easily anytime.


Certified IVF Doctor

When you're seeking a fertility clinic and the best IVF doctor, it is important to ensure that the doctors are on the medical board and certified. The IVF doctor must be certified by ICMR (Indian council of medical research board).


Success Rates

Though IVF treatment success rate depends on many factors, a team of well-experienced fertility doctors at the center and the use of the latest and advanced medical equipment can make a difference for the better.


Best IVF Doctor in Lucknow 

Fertility clinics like Crysta IVF is considered to be the best IVF center in Lucknow. The Fertility Center is headed by Dr. Sonal Anand who has nearly two decades of experience and helped so many couples achieve pregnancy through her personalized approach. She is now a renowned name in the field of infertility treatments.

The IVF center has best-in-class facilities for in vitro fertilization (IVF), micromanipulation (ICSI), laser-assisted hatching (LAH), and semen and embryo cryopreservation. Book an appointment to know more about the process and cost of IVF in Lucknow.

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