The most recent patch to World of Warcraft WotLK Classic includes an entire new region

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Fourth major update to WOW WoTLK Classic Gold, Mists of Pandaria, has revealed a complete continent gamers and the game's characters were aware of, in addition to a myriad of new lore and stories to help players discover along with WoW's latest playable race, the pandaren. The time was when the Alliance along with Horde were embroiled in a bloody battle with Warchief Garrosh Hellscream was determined to remake the whole world for the Horde.

As time passed, the wisdom and generosity of Pandaria's civilization (heavily inspirated by real-life Taoism) would teach people do away with hatred and instead encourage peace and peace of mind. Many years ago, Pandaria was part of Azeroth's supercontinent of Kalimdor. The time came when the Sundering occurred and the entire land was forever split, Pandaria avoided the catastrophic destruction. Emperor Shaohao who was a pandaren gained valuable lessons from the resident Wild Gods, the August Celestials, looking for ways to stop the predicted Sundering.

Through his travels, he realized that although the war was not his to stop yet, he could still be able to save the people of his village. He made a sacrifice to seal WoW's land of Pandaria with a thick fog, keeping it away from the outside world, and also separating it from Kalimdor in its own way before it was dragged into the sea. Since that time that time, the pandaren's people have modeled the lessons Shaohao learned, that of determination, inner strength, confidence, and a sense of. When the Mists of Pandaria's release, an Alliance vessel had been driven away from its path by an Horde warship. The vessel was seeking shelter in the thick mists which were covering the southern ocean of Azeroth.

The Horde ship chased after it until both were wrecked near the coast of Pandaria, and the survivors washed into a world that they didn't even realize existed. It just so happened that the particular Alliance ship happened to be carrying the young Prince of Stormwind, Anduin Wrynn (a major character in this current WoW stories). His father King Varian Wrynn demanded that an elite squad be sent to bring him back, while the Horde's motives were to explore the new region and claim it as their own. Eventually, both factions established an existence in Pandaria, but the consequences of bringing their conflicts to these mysterious shores were extremely dire.

Pandaria was not the same as other lands in World of Warcraft's Azeroth. It was a long time ago when the Old Gods were defeated by the Titans The most powerful of these eldritch beings was Y'Shaarj, the Seven-Heads. His corruption was to the depths of the planet so that after the Titans cut him off from WoW's planet Azeroth, it created an open wound that Azeroth's life essence, arcane magic, bled out.

The wound would later become known as The Well of Eternity, and after the Sundering it would become known as the Maelstrom with cheap WoTLK Classic Gold. Y'Shaarj was destroyed, but its seven heads placed upon Pandaria which manifested as the nebulous creatures of darkness, known by the name of Sha. The Sha represented the negative elements of mortal minds upon which they fed: despair dismay, anxiety, and fear to name several.

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