Dog Breeders Brisbane Club (DBBC)

DBBC Is Dedicated To The Protection Of Dog Welfare Through Integration Of Strong Ethics & Self-Regulation.

We invite dog breeder’s membership registration and support members to legitimise their dog breeding businesses through guidance, knowledge and strong code of ethics that must be adhered to in order to keep the financial, sanctity and honourability through self-regulation for the breeding of our loving extended family of furry babies.

It is a privately owned Boutique Membership Club founded in Brisbane and are part of a non-levy paying group of people engaged in the pleasure of and/or business of breeding Dogs. Although DBBC is an online service only, we are operating as a business in Queensland with our reg. office in NSW.

We do not deal directly with dog exhibitors, administrators, judges or providing dog information pertaining to shows, exhibitions or promotions of selling puppies. Rather are wholly interested in animals and especially dogs’ welfare through individual memberships.

It does not hold infrastructure or employ staff for running telephony services or call centres. The directors, family members, volunteers and stakeholders personally handle all enquiries, memberships, complaints, via email and online services. It does however take visitors enquiries, memberships, complaints and communication responsively and respond via email on behalf of our business services.

A very warm welcome to The Dog Breeders Brisbane Club.



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