The Essay Writing Process

The Essay Writing Process - all you need to know

As you will see in the next few lines, each essay respects the aforementioned structure, but they differ depending on the type of essay that you must carry out. Additionally, there is no single classification of types of essays, so we will present two major classifications.

In the first place, we can observe 3 different types of essays: scientific, literary, and academic.

Academic Essay.

This type of essay is carried out by an intellectual or university community within an academic institution (it can be a school or a university). In other words, it's the type of essay in which, like when you need Homework Help Business, it generally has 3 central characteristics:

  • It’s formal
  • Expository
  • Rigorous about the method you use.


A literary essay.

 These essays present a particularity of greater freedom when presenting the issues raised. Additionally, it allows subjective points of view, a characteristic that it does not share with the previously proposed essay. These essays must seduce the reader, so a little more emphasis is placed on a writing style that allows it to capture its attention and that it reaches certain reflections about something.

Scientific Essays.

They are essays that present the results of scientific research. Reports, statistics, or results obtained in first or second source research are generally included since they favor the understanding of the conclusion to which the author of the essay wants the readers to arrive.

Second, another classification of essay types divides them into 3 large groups: analytical, expository, and argumentative essays.

An Analytical Essay.

An analytical essay has the particularity of breaking down a topic into all its parts. It is responsible for examining the relationship between the parties from a purely logical perspective.

Expository Essay.

 In this type of essay, all the topics are exposed. Its main characteristic is to define, explain, and describe at the same time. This type of essay is often used to demonstrate some knowledge.

Argumentative essay. 

It is characterized by trying to persuade or convince the reader about a specific topic. Arguments are constantly used to achieve such persuasion. Generally, a lot of knowledge of the subject is necessary beforehand before writing an argumentative essay.

As you will see below, you need to take into account some steps during the preparation of the essay as well as before starting it.

9 Tips for Writing an Essay

  • Always remember to keep in mind the topic you are working on. This will help prevent you from unintentionally drifting off target.


  • Identify keywords within the essay. This will help you put together and guide your writing.


  • Avoid inappropriate or vulgar language. By this, we mean that you should avoid using language or words that are not related to the topic.


  • Introduce the main topic in the first paragraph. This will make your essay easier to read and structure, as well as give clarity to your essay.


  • Use connectors. As in all formal or semi-formal writing, the proper use of connectors is important. In this way, the sentences you present will be intertwined.


  • In the final paragraph, you must mention the conclusion of the topic introduced in the first paragraph.


  • Use quotes. As we mentioned above, it is very important that you use citations in the appropriate way both in the body of the essay and in the footer or in the bibliography addressed at the end of it.


  • Check spelling, grammar, and consistency. This will give your essay the formal look that is required.


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