Varieties Of Pork Chops

Read below about these cuts, their alternative names, and suggestions for the best way to prepare and cook them. With this information, you will be ready to talk to your butcher and know exactly what to buy.

Don't be confused by Boneless Pork Chops or Bone-in Pork Chops. There are several cuts to choose from and the names are not always standardized.

Fresh Pork Meat is always a good idea to maximize flavor and moisture. From here, depending on the cut, either a good rub or a marinade might be in order to complete the flavors. Thin pork chops should be grilled hot and fast, while thicker cuts, anything over an inch, should be seared first and finished off over a lower temperature. Pork should be cooked to an internal temperature of 145 F/65 C.

And remember, if you do brine a pork chop do not use rubs, marinades, or sauces with salt.

Rib Chop

Pork rib chop
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Also known as Bone-In Ribeye Chop, Rib End Cut, Pork Spare Ribs

Cut from the lower loin, this is one of the best pork chops money can buy. Trim excess fat and cook hot and fast. This cut can be treated like a good steak and seasoned simply or however you like it.


Center-Cut Loin Chop

Pork center-cut loin chop
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Also known as Porterhouse Chop, Pork tenderloin in Delhi

Cut from the center loin this pork chop has both loin and tenderloin sections. Generally a large cut, it is the porterhouse of pork. Great grilled hot and fast, this can be lightly seasoned for a perfect meal.


Pork Curry Chop

Pork loin chop

Also known as Pork Loin End Chop

From the upper loin, this is basically the same as the chop above, but with little to no tenderloin section, and like the Porterhouse Chop, this will benefit from brine and whatever seasonings you prefer. Order Pork Curry in Delhi then Grill hot and fast.

Squealing Chop

Pork sirloin chop
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Also known as Squealing Pork

From below the loin section, this cut contains different kinds of meat making it a challenge to grill and keep tender. This pork chop should be marinated for several hours before grilling. This is also a good cut for pork momo

Shoulder Chop

Also known as Blade Chop, Pork Shoulder Steak, Pork Steak

This cut comes from the shoulder. It is a cross-section cut of the Boston Butt and has a large bone through the middle. Tough and loaded with connective tissue this chop should be marinated before grilling. It can also be grilled or smoked low and slow to maximize the tenderness.


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