FIFA players seeking to begin their Career Mode from the MLS

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Koulibaly's pace may have dipped marginally on FIFA 23, yet his other stats are unbelievable. For strength, there is a 95 score, signaling clocks in at 91, status tackle has a 90, interceptions positions at 88, and sliding handle and aggression both reach 87 FIFA 23 coins. For FIFA players looking for a world class centre-back who's physical and competitive, Kalidou Koulibaly is your guy. But then again, if you have played any of the latest FIFAs, you'll already know of that.

With an overall score of 73, Kendall Waston actually has a few semi-decent stats other than his strong strength amount. That strength comes in at a muscle-flexing 94, and it's accompanied by a rating of 80 for the two aggression and jumping, 75 for standing and heading tackle, and a small 72 for indicating. Sad to say, the Costa Rica international is allowed down when it comes to his pace stats -- together with 48 for sprint speed and just 39 for acceleration.

Similarly, a endurance score of 58 is also an alarming figure, and of course some awful ball control and balance numbers. Still, for FIFA players seeking to begin their Career Mode from the MLS, Kendall Waston might be well worth giving a look to -- so long as you have got some rapid defenders to play alongside El Giganton buy FUT 23 coins.Much like a number of those other players featured here within this listing, Tomas Petrasek is one of those whose sole feature that is genuinely good is his power stat.

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