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On Slayer Experts add a right click option"Get Assignment" to OSRS Gold receive a new mission without the useless dialogue. Anyone who is tried grabbing 100 rats for that Cat Training Medal knows how much your hands hurt afterwards, on a Cats Summoning Menu nake an choice to Catch Rat, therefore I don't end up with 500+ clicks and hurt hands, it's more like 300. Beneath Lumbridge in the passing, on Kazgar create a right click option"Travel to Watercellar","Travel to Mine", and vice versa on Mistag.

On the Temple Trekking NPC's add right clicks for"Begin Trek" and"Give Food". Insert right click"Traveling" alternative to Bill Teach. Insert right click"Enter Village" alternative to Mosol Rei. We labored to get our Lunar Magics and Ancient Magicks and involving the two of them there is only ONE teletab? Let's teletabs from this book, you don't have any idea how useful they can become.

About the Farmers near plots which sell you things, create a right click trade choice today! Why is it that I have to speak instead of simply opening a trade window to buy the products. That 5 seconds several times has become the difference between my crops dying, or growing. Also about the Farmer's close Tree Patches add Secateurs for their record, common sense ftw?

Ghostspeak Amulet, all it does is sit in my bank taking up space! Make a quest already in which we destroy the amulet and are infused with all the knowledge to speak to ghosts so we don't continue carrying around this product that is a lender hogger! Insert a right click"Report" option to gamers, and add it on the chat Click too. You have any idea how hard it is to tell someone's name when it is like Oooo0Oo oo0o! I am trying to figure the amount of letters!

House Portals, add a right click option so we don't end up Buy RS 2007 Gold making two clicks, it is one and you don't have any idea how long this would save within the longrun. Click options:"Input House","Input House in Build","Input Buddy's". Allow me to cancel G.E. offers from ANY bank! This is one, maybe I received the item so today I need to go to Varrock and eliminate it, why can not I simply remove it by using a bank! . Oh wait, I purchased it, so I have doubles and need to sell one!

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