Energy saving tips of using water pump

The performance parameters are obtained under the condition of 20 ℃ saturated air, 15 ℃ working fluid temperature and 1013 mbar exhaust pressure.


1. Shorten the line.
2. It's not the type of "antiaircraft gun" outlet. Because the outlet pipe increases the energy consumption. At the same time, the pool had a pump.
3. Increase the diameter of outlet pipe as much as possible.
4. Remove the pipe blockage in time. Foreign matter left in the inlet, the impeller in the shell or split flow will be taken to save water.
5. As far as possible direct drive coupling, due to direct drive belt transmission efficiency coupling rate.
6. The filter can be removed on the premise of ensuring clean water.
7. Is carefully reviewed to prevent pump seals from entering the pump. If you pump the air, the water will be greatly reduced.
8. Can be used for no engine or electric motor, gasoline engine, conditional three-phase asynchronous motor, no single-phase asynchronous motor.

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