Important Notice for Kaalama Crypto Pro Members!

Focus & Patience | Focus & Patience | Focus & Patience

Important Notice!
Focus & Patience | Focus & Patience | Focus & Patience

Intro: Kaalama is a huge project with one important module for Crypto Copy Trading. Please read this article to understand why would someone needs copy trading:  Why Copy Trading.

First, Uninstall your Greed and install Targets.

Greed is when you feel like “so much gains in the market and I want them all” or “I’m missing out all the gains, so I need more”.

Targets is when you think “I don’t care all the gains in the market but I just want to hit my target. That's good enough for me."


Secondly, install lots of patience and be ready to wait to buy or sell for days or even weeks as and when required. 

1. Crypto trading is a risky like any other business. There are no promises or guarantees but it is very very rewarding too.

2. Focus and follow our trades with patience. You may feel like “I should buy more” or “I should sell and exit now”, but you need to set those feelings aside and follow our trades exactly as they are to minimize unnecessary risks.

3. As professionals, we follow the strategies of the Whales (big investors) but we do not panic sell or act on emotions. Therefore, you should just follow our trades as a KCP Club Member.

4. As professionals we take only the necessary risk for average returns (medium risk) but we don’t take unnecessary risks (gambling) hoping for huge returns.

Hodling Trader Strategy” is what we call our trading strategy. Under this strategy, our main objective is buying assets at best prices and hodling as long term investments.

Yet, in order to increase the total number of assets we hold, we sell them at price peaks and again buy at a discounts.

We also make traditional Trading Desk moves that are considered to be high risk in order to maximize profits. In such cases we mention "High Risk" before placing the order where anyone could avoid such if that's above their risk tolerance.
We do not mention anything specially for medium risk trades, yet all other trades we place should be considered as "Medium Risk" trades.
Our total investment is generally devided in to three parts known as Hodl A, Hodl B and Trading Account.
In trading account, we use margin trading to maximize gains.

5. Focus on timely actions and patience are the KEY.

6. At KCP Club, our first priority is safely of our investment fund.

7. If you are new to Crypto Trading, do not start with more than USD500 regardless of how wealthy you are. Just start small with an amount that you could afford to loose and let that investment grow with your skills of trading with KCP Club.

8. Many inexperience traders make $10-50 per day and take the funds out to retire early. But we should always "think big" and our beliefs are

- Profits should not be withdrawn at all until your monthly profits reach $4000+,
- After that point, at least 25% of your monthly profits should be reinvested in crypto trading and only the balance 75% should be withdrawn.

This way you profit while your account keeps growing. Following is a simple example of an account growth when you do NOT withdraw profits early.

Say Kevin started trading with KCP with just $300 and KCP performed at a 20% average rate of return on investment per month.
Then his $300 account will grow to $23,800 in just 24 months and from the 24th month his monthly income would be $4,750.

If the performance of KCP was 30%, it would be $162,800 by the 24th month. His monthly income would be $48,800 in that case.

This may sound "too good to be true" but if you understand the effect of “compound interest” and do some calculations on a spreadsheet, you will see it for yourself.
Thus, one should not withdraw funds till his or her  target is achieved.
Further, this is without considering the gains from leverage trading if he decides to participate.
(This is not a promise or any financial advice, but just an example to make the point clear.)

* By using this forum you agree to assume all financial risks by yourself in case of you decide to invest in Crypto by following KCP footsteps. You also agree that we do not provide any financial advice but simply post our crypto trades only.

All the best KCPs
KCP Club

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