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Apply for a spouse and fiancé UK visa online in this pandemic!!

Want your spouse or fiancé’s visa for the UK? What is a spouse visa application? How is a fiancé visa generated? All these answers you will get in this article. Your wish to settle in the UK with your partner will be fulfilled. You should know about the eligibility, financial requirement, information of required documents before proceeding with a visa. The dream of living together after marriage will come true. Have patience and apply for a UK spouse visa application or apply for the UK fiancée visa.

What is a fiancé visa?

Suppose you and your partner want to relocate to the UK and begin your new life in the UK then you are eligible for a UK fiancé visa. This visa lasts for six months with the assumption that you will marry your partner within six months. Six months later if you want to stay in the UK you have to take permission and apply for another immigration. The people living in the UK apply for a UK fiancée visa which lasts for 30 months.

Eligibility criteria of UK fiancé visa or spouse visa

You should know the eligibility criteria of a UK spouse visa application before applying. The same criteria are followed for a UK fiancé visa.

Both the partners should be 18 years old or above.
Suppose you’re married then it's fine and if you are not married you are given six months validity. For fiancé visa applications.
You need to marry your partner to stay in the UK together.
Talking about the income both combined income should be dollar 18,000 annually.
You have to present suitable proof that you and your partner are dependent and living happily.

Required documents for visa application

The valid information and documents required while applying for a UK visa for your spouse or fiancé are given below.

The date of birth and your name are mandatory and should be correct.
Passport size photographs old as well as new is required.
Divorce certificates if applicable.
Your parent’s date of birth, nationality is required if you are staying outside the UK.
Details of criminal cases if any.


The above-mentioned criteria should be fulfilled before you opt for a Uk spouse visa application. To apply for a UK fiance visa also you need to follow all the rules given here. Stay healthy and enjoy every moment with your fiancé and spouse in the UK.

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