Kaalama DeepDive Weekly Roundup #001

Our Weekly Whale Alerts and Movement Analysis Roundup

This is our Weekly Whale Alerts and Movement Analysis Roundup

22nd of June, 2021

This is stable coins reserve in all exchanges. This money cannot be sitting here but should start buying soon. So we just have to hodl.

 27th of June, 2021

Big money is still keep coming to exchanges.
However, the short term trend indicates a strong buying power sooner rather than later.

28th of June, 2021

Bitcoin Dominance seems to be settling just below 50.
If it is not the case, altcoin prices could be devalued compared to BTC, which I don’t believe is the case here.
I believe this is where whales accumulated major altcoins at bargain prices and now they may let the market to “bull run” again.
That’s how they can make money at the end of the day.


29th of June, 2021

BTC reserves (aggregated) is also going down while stable coin reserves are going up.
An extremely bullish sign,…

30th of June, 2021

This is the depth of the BTC market as at now.
Will these buy orders move higher or be cancelled just to manipulate the market.
I believe both will happen and in the medium term, buying pressure will be dominant.
It’s just my opinion.

1st of July, 2021

S&P 500 doesn’t take a rest it seems. It’s bullish sentiment is extremely positive for crypto market which is not performing well at the moment.

We may expect an Elliott Wave pattern in S&P 500 while expecting the bull run to continue at least till the end of this year.
The reasons for the said expectations are nothing but money printing and lower Fed Fund rates.


2nd of July, 2021

This is the National Home Price Index, US. Home prices are in a serious bull run indicating an overall growth of the economy. However, it is hard to say when it’s going crash as this kind of a parabolic move is not healthy.
Yet, with the support of other market indicators, it is safe to assume that this bull run will last at least till the end of this year.
And, crypto market may follow the same pattern?

And this is the BTC Order Book as at now.
Are big boys trying to accumulate again at 32,500 or just trying to mislead retail investors again?

3rd of July, 2021

Yesterday we tried to understand if 32,500 zone is a strong accumulation zone of big players based on the order book. Looks like our assumption was accurate and the said zone seems to be acting as a strong zone of support.
According to Wyckoff Method, this zone could be the support lines at lower level of the trading range. I believe we have enough evidence now to come to that conclusion.
If that is the case, we could expect a price to move up now, with ups and downs of course.


4th of July, 2021

I believe we are still in a bull market as far as the overall economy is concerned. However, is BTC still in a bull market? That's a very tricky question at the moment as the BTC 4 year cycle is also coming to an end.

As you can see in the attached, it seems we still have time an we can expect another all time high before the end of this year.

This assumption is not logical at all if we only consider the BTC market cycle, but with the other economic indicators and specially the Bitcoin Whale Movement Analysis, I believe it is a safe bet.

This is not financial Advice, but market and technical analysis only.

Buddika Adikari (Ph.D)
More insight to the Crypto Market:https://kaalama.org/Kaalama-DeepDive-Crypto-Whale-Alerts-and-Movement-Analysis
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