You can search for the shield's part in the chest in the Pheonix Gang

You can search for the shield's part in the chest in the Pheonix Gang

Hello fellow gang member. Are you looking to theive? Always prepared to indulge. This is great. I have a crucial task for you. I'm asking you to bring me back Katrine/Straven Dagger. Wear this disguise, or he/she won't allow you to OSRS Gold enter.. Katrine/Straven gives you a Theive's Mask and Jacket, Trousers and boots. They are your disguises, and you are able to speak to the opposing gang leader. You're the new the one. Keep going.

You can search for the shield's part in the chest in the Pheonix Gang or in the Black Arm Cabinet if you're an active Pheonix Gang Member. Thwait's Key will be available to you when you lock the door. Take the key to the Rogues Den in Burthrope. Master Thwait can block your way if the key is used in conjunction with the gate. What do you think you are doing? I'm thinking of cracking the safe Bah, it doesn't really matter. If you're a fool, you'll probably end up with a Thwait who turns around and appears to be ignoring the fact that you're there.

Utilize Thwait's secure key to open it. Surprise! A Rogue (Level-95) Pops out. He has Dragon Claws. His special is only available when he's below 10 percent HP. The Max is 15, and when he hits his special, he'll only hit a max of 5,6 or 8 or 7. To reach his maximum, he will need to eat decent food. Martin Thwait will appear when you take him down. Ah, you have defeated my small surprise! But I have a message for you, this is far from finished!

Martin Thwait will vanish in the form of a puff. However, he won't leave behind a clue scroll. It will say: 2 Kings there are of the same source one is jealous, the other fearless. Take a look at the rising tides of two persons joined; they will take you to the place where I speak. It should be evident. Freminnik Isle, but which? You can charter ferry service from Jatizo by going towards Mord Gunnar. An unknown person will be Cheap RS Gold on the dock, and you'll be able to watch a cutscene.

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