Safe and Secure House Removals

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Safe and Secure House Removals

One thing you probably do not pay much attention to when you plan a move is security and safety. But house removals like any other activity encounter security and safety issues during a move. If you are moving one thing you don't want to think about is whether your household goods will make it safely to your new home. But you should give this some thought because they are moving your goods. When you look for a house removals company you can ask about their insurance and what it covers. Most companies will require that you select one of several types of tariff levels of carrier liability, which is not insurance.

The level that you choose for your shipment will establish the maximum liability by the carrier for your goods subject to certain rules. If you have concerns, ask who their liability carrier is. Of course this policy may vary in different countries. But the carrier should offer you some replacement scheme to cover your goods if they have an accident or the goods disappear for some reason.

Generally you will be offered one of two options. The first being a lump sum monetary amount for the value of your shipment within certain parameters. In this case if any article is lost, stolen or destroyed or damaged while in the house removals custody they may either repair the item and restore it to the same condition or replace the article with a like kind and quality. Or they will pay your for the cost of a replacement.

The second will be released value of so much per pound per article. In this case the liability is limited to the actual weight of the lost, destroyed, damaged or stolen article multiplied by the amount stated per pound.

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The first option will cost you something. The second method is a basic liability level and is generally included in the moving costs. However the second option allows you far less than the average value of household goods.

They will also ask if you have anything of extraordinary value. If so they will ask that you declare them. You may also do an inventory of extraordinary value items which will be attached to your contract and you will be reimbursed for these if lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed, but only up to the selected maximum protection.

Another area where you will have to declare value is if you ship a very bulky item like a spa or car or vehicle. Packers and Movers Ahmedabad Removals companies may charge a premium for these items when they move them for you. If you ship a car they may only accept responsibility for any external damage caused by the hauler and will not accept any responsibility for any items that are actually in the car or vehicle. Nor for any components that stop operating properly like your window wipers.

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