Try To Solve Your Error State Issue

It may sound simple but sometimes wiggling the wires connecting your printer and your computer can solve a world of connectivity problems.


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Global Office Machines technicians can fix any Brother printer error or malfunction. Our experts share their top tips for troubleshooting printer problems that you can try yourself.

If your Brother laser printer, all in one printer, or fax machine suddenly stops working, you should first look for an error message on your LCD. In most cases, you will see an error message or error status code. brother error printing Professionals are the best people to help you with most errors. Global Office Machines Brother Laser Printer Repairs are available for same-day service on-site. You can repair some Brother printers yourself.

Brother printer repair simple

If you are unable to resolve the error message or code displayed on your Brother printer, we recommend that you try a simple fix.

  1. Click Start> Control Panel > Control panel Home (on left). > System & maintenance (on top).
  2. Scroll down and click Administration Tools
  3. Double-click Services > Scroll down to Printer Spooler > Right-click Print Spooler >
  4. Double-click Print Spooler > choose Auto as the startup type' > click Ok
  5. You might consider running a job as a printer

Common Brother Printer problems and solutions

Brother Printers are top-of-the-line machines that feature the most recent technological innovations. Many repairs are too complicated to handle by a layperson. Global Office Machines provides a full Brother model printer repair service in Sydney. We have a fleet of mobile service vans that are manned by printer repair specialists.

GOM is a specialist in printer sales and repairs. Our technicians can help you set up your machine, and guide you through the basic troubleshooting steps you can do at home.

We can help you with common repairs such as replacing a tray feed box, replacing a waste cartridge, and clearing out a paper jam from a duplex unit.

These are just a few other issues that could require the assistance of a technician.

  • Error code 54: The fuser unit must be replaced
  • Error code 55: The laser unit must be replaced
  • Error code 7D: The drum unit has become clogged with dirt and requires cleaning
  • Error code 5E: It is necessary to replace the belt unit.

Contact Us today if you're in Sydney and need a quote to fix these problems.

Service and sales of Brother printers

Learn more about our Brother Printer Repair Services. Browse our top-selling Brother printers below, or visit our Brother store to see all Brother products.

Why is My Brother Printer in Error State

What is the reason for your brother's printer acting strangely? There are two possible causes for this error message from your brother's printer.

  • Incorrectly placed plugs and USB connections
  • Sometimes, a BIOS problem -- instructions sent between your computer's printer and your computer -- can cause an error state.
  • Corrupt printer driver
  • Internet connectivity is weak or nonexistent
  • Malware and virus attacks

Helping a Brother in an Error State

This article will show you how to fix your Brother printer in an error condition. It can be as simple as one step or more complicated.

Method 1: Check your cables/network

Although it may seem simple, sometimes wriggling the wires between your printer and your computer can resolve a lot of connectivity issues.

Have you got a wireless connection? Run a diagnostic test to make sure your router is functioning properly.

Go to Printers and Devices within Windows and ensure your printer is connected wirelessly.

Method 2: Make certain your printer is stocked with ink and paper

Sometimes, an empty ink cartridge or toner cartridge may cause an error message. Make sure your printer is free of paper jams and has plenty of printer paper.


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