International Moving Guide

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International Moving Guide

Moving abroad does not have to be that stressful and complicated. A good strategy for you to make this international move more efficient is to plan ahead of time. If you have enough time, start organizing for your international move a few months in advance. Allow enough time for you to secure all your documents, file visa, finding a school for your kids and then shift your main focus to shipping some of your treasured possessions, household items, and personal belongings.

Researching your new location’s laws and regulations

Laws and regulations will vary from one country to another. Call the concerned embassy or consulate for you to learn more about their regulations, laws and restrictions for foreigners who are moving into their country. Ask the following important aspects:

• Any needed visas & permits

• All the needed vaccines for the household

• Taxes and restrictions for all the shipped household items

• Required vaccination and quarantine for family pets

• Taxes that have to paid for when shipping automobile

File applications for your household’s visas, passports and living permits. Submit these applications as soon as you can. Make sure you check which ones will get invalid shortly after your overseas move. For instance, if one of your family member’s passport expires next year, then you can renew it as early as possible.

Gather every important document that you may need. It may take several weeks or even months for you to get the official copies of your family’s vital records and other important documents. Start the process early to avoid stressful situations when it is almost time to make the big move. Secure your family’s birth certificates, marriage certificate, living will & testaments, employment records, academic reports & diplomas, social security cards, proofs of residency, bank statements, medical/vaccination records and so much more.

Secure your prescription drugs. If one of your household members is currently under treatment for a certain medical condition, then you might as well request for an extended supply for any prescription medications. Don’t forget to ask for a copy of the medical files that proves the condition.

Deal with your bank and other credit card accounts. Decide on which accounts you are willing to keep and to notify these banks that you are moving overseas. International online banking is a great option for you to transfer funds across countries. Shred any paperwork, credit cards and statements that you won’t be using anymore.

Learn more about your new location’s tax obligations. Every country has set its own Packers and Movers Ludhiana rules and regulations for foreign earned revenue. Learn more about their tax obligations and gather all the needed paperwork.

Begin the search for schools and universities. Find out the various educational opportunities for your children on foreign land. There are plenty of countries with expatriate neighborhoods run international schools. There are other parents who would enroll their kids in local schools where they can be immerse with the new culture and language.

Take care of moving pets with you abroad. Schedule the necessary pet vaccinations and secure appropriate pet carrier. If you decide to leave your pets behind, make sure you find them new homes to stay.

Call shipping companies and international moving companies for their quotes on Packers and Movers Ahmedabad transporting household goods out of the country. You can find overseas moving companies in New Jersey,New York, Washington and virtually anywhere across the country.

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