The Fantasy Sports Goldrush- Startups in India!

Play fantasy cricket and earn daily cash prizes with Real11. The fantasy platform operator consists of an app that is among the top fantasy apps in the country.

The origin of fantasy cricket in India wasn’t easy. Not easy at all. There was a lot of struggle and honestly, there was very little hope that it would be allowed to play in India. After a long and hard battle in the courtrooms, they got the permission and fantasy cricket is now a billion dollar business with more than 50 million users regularly playing fantasy cricket and other fantasy sports in various apps.

Very few or rather none of the companies have gone through the struggle that the originals have gone through. With no support from the government, nothing from the users, labelling it a sport which promotes gamble and such things, there was no hope for them to get as big as they are today. Slowly, things got better and more and more fantasy organizations came up. That changed the business completely. With the introduction of new companies, new ideas came forward and everyone was doing their own bit of promotion which indirectly helped the concept of fantasy cricket grow. In 2021, there’s not a single cricketing superstar of India who’s not a brand ambassador of fantasy sport organization. From Virat Kohli to Rohit Sharma to KL Rahul to Jasprit Bumrah, everyone is a part of this and thus the growth of the game was inevitable.

However, there are too many fantasy organizations out there at this moment and the fans are confused. ‘People are there with you when you are having a good time’, every one of us heard of this quote but right now fantasy organizations are proving it. When the time was right, so many people invested in fantasy sports but failed to understand how the game works and later on scammed people to get back their money. Thus, the rush of joining the business led to many fraudulent activities and ultimately the best fantasy apps of the country suffered. Kudos to them, for leading by example and hold on to their customers even after that.

It is because of them that fantasy cricket in India is so popular. According to reports, the business will reach 80 million users by the end of the decade and all this has happened in the last 7-8 years. This proves how good and honest some of the top fantasy organizations have been. Thus, do not join the rush, play the game carefully and play only with the best in the game.

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