If a monster is at or near level 2 you shouldn't pray

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I'm sure there's a solid reason that RS gold a lot members continue to use a rune platebodybecause it offers decent defense bonuses and is relatively affordable costs. What's the next step up from rune in terms of non-degradeable plates? I guess it would be a Bandos Plate, but that's not in my price range.

Are there other plates between them that offer greater bonuses than running? Which non-degradable body do you choose to use in normal training? What are their costs and do you believe it's worth the investment?

Rune is the best nonmem armour that is not deg. It is followed by Granite Body, legs, sheild, and helm. That's mem. requires 50 str and 50 def for weild. However its one of the strongest armours on the market, maybe even the heaviest. Thus, it drains power in a crazed manner. It also looks awful, the entire set costs less than $5000 and is used mainly by bots, as I've heard.

Then there's the combat torso , and the other items you can obtain from mini-games. It's Dragon armour, which needs 60 def. If you can't pay for chain bods, or plate bod which costs 4.5M-5.5M, and 9m-10m respectivly it is possible to use a rune body that has drag legs and a medium helm. Don't go with granite body + dragon legs, thats the way bots dress. I have Zammy platebody and Dragon Platelegs.. The look is awesome. Most of the top gear are deg. Barrows gear lasts like 10+ hours of combat before repairs.

I'm at your, Sal's, for advice on Dungeoneering. Yes, it is me that needs help this time. I have always wondered what is the proper threshold for praying on monsters. In other words, at what level for each type of monster should I use a protection prayer and offensive prayer? By "type," I mean shades, warriors magers, rangers, bats, zombies rodents, demons pickaxesor brutes.

If a monster is at or near level 2 you shouldn't pray about it. Likewise, for the majority of rangers wearing above tier seven, you must pray. mages yeah probably, melee warriors hit obscenely once they've been katagoned. So yeah, pickaxes are a blast of hell . Therefore, brutes... meh.

It's not directly connected to Dungeoneering however, it is connected to it. Are 1.2M sufficient to get from fifty-two RC to 70, or do I need more? Making nature runes can be an profit(iirc) So, yes this is sufficient. If I use an SSH does it mean I have to take off my hood every time I enter a dangerous room? You buy OSRS gold shouldn't take it off since it will still shield you from those monsters who are safe under hood Always stack the mage.

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