Importance of Grammar in Essay Writing

Importance of Grammar in Essay Writing

Importance of Grammar in Essay Writing

Essay writing is a term that we have all heard more than once in our lives. Teachers, the best essay writing service reddit and professors have been teaching us the rules and regulations of writing an essay forever, and yet we still aren’t able to come up with a decent piece of writing, why is that? Well different people face different difficulties when it comes to essay writing. But today my focus will be the very common problem of the wrong usage of grammar.

If you think that you are someone who is facing this problem that don’t be shy and worry about it because there are thousands like you who are dealing with the very same issue. The English language like any other language, it has a number of rules pertaining to grammar, and nobody can really memorize or learn all of those rules. The only thing that you need to do is to know the basic things which will help you in producing a well written essay.

Essay writers aren’t born, yes many people have skills and abilities but those are no use unless you practice and polish the gift that you have. The key to getting a good essay is grammar, and the secret to great grammar is nothing but practice. Don’t expect to learn a few rules from books and create something superbly written, you will only be disappointed. You will need to write once, twice, thrice and even more if you want to get your skills up.

The most common grammatical mistake that students make in essay writing is the incorrect use of tenses. Let me further explain that. I have seen a number of essay writing pieces where the student seems to be talking in present, past and future tense, all at the same time! Always remember that the essay has to have a certain flow, and you can’t achieve that unless you are speaking in the same tone in the whole of the essay.

Now let’s quickly get into the discussion of homophones. Homophones are basically words that sound the same, but have an entirely different meaning and spelling. Words like right, write and Wright are a perfect example of homophones. Homophones are easy to confuse because we essentially write what we say, so be careful while using these in your essay.

At the end of it all, just remember to proof read your essay, and then reread it. Proofreading can really help in getting those errors of the way. You can even ask for a family member or friend to check your essay because we often cannot detect our own mistakes.


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