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The 5 Best books on remote work for Remote Employees

Remote work is amazing. We can say goodbye the stressful commute and the uncomfortable "business professional" and the costly take-away food.

It's time to enjoy a lazy morning and slippers!

Remote work can be difficult. Remote work may be difficult since you're usually hundreds or even thousands of kilometers away from your colleagues. Additionally your workspace at home may lack some of the same bells and whistles as an office. Work-life boundaries can quickly disappear.

To learn how to conquer these challenges -- plus others you've not yet discovered -- take the time to read these books on remote work.

1. Working Remotely: The Keys to success for employees working in Distributed TeamsUnlike many remote-work books that are targeted at solopreneurs as well as leaders, Douglas, Gordon, Webber and Webber concentrate on frontline remote workers. The book is split into seven chapters, each focused on a specific pillar of WFH success.

This book will teach you how to handle your email, overcome loneliness, and work with other people. The authors offer concrete advice and provide anecdotes to help make their points more concrete (no pun intended).

2. Tips for Working From Home 500+ ways to Stay Organized and productive while working from home!
HubSpot Boston office, March 20, was the day that I packed up my keyboard and monitor. I thought they would be mine for a few weeks or a month, then I'd return to work.

Eight months later, the majority of our team still works at the comfort of their homes. This will continue for many years. It may be forever!

This book is packed with everything I wish I had when I moved to a permanent remote job. It covers common issues such as maintaining boundaries between your work and private life (when your office is also located in your kitchen or bedroom), facing loneliness and isolation and how to overcome the "outof sight, outof mind" effect. The book also offers advice for parents, freelancers, and managers.

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When you're done, you'll know everything you need to be successful and content as remote workers.

3. The Holloway Guide to Remote Work
This guide will assist managers navigate the common issues such as remote work, such hiring, onboarding, compensating remote employees, setting expectations and communicating with them and creating communication channels.

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Buritica & Womersley have a lot to learn from their experiences as leaders in teams of engineers distributed across Splice & Buffer., Angel List, Doist, and other remote organisations also contributed. As a result each recommendation is practical, real, and is often supported by examples, case studies or data.

4. REMOTE Not Required
This manifesto outlines the benefits and drawbacks of remote work. Hansson, Fried, and Hansson take the majority of REMOTE.Office Not Required disproving arguments against allowing workers to work from wherever they'd like.

There is no need for an office to collaborate.
It doesn't matter the size of your business or what industry you work in.
Your pool isn't likely to shrink. It will increase.
Already believe in remote work? You are looking for helpful suggestions on how to do this well? Consider the Holloway Guide and Work-From-Home Hacks.

5. Subtle Acts of Exclusion: How to Recognize, Stop, and Understand Microaggressions
Microaggressions (or Subtle Acts of Exclusion as Jana and Baran call it) are a possibility anywhere, whether you are remote or co-located.

However, SAEs can be a challenge to manage when you're all apart.

If you're the one to have committed the SAE? Without the benefits of relationships that come from sharing an office, it is more difficult to fix the damage.

Jana Baran and Jana are the ideal authors to help distributed teams. Learn how to detect the signs, manage and eventually prevent SAEs. Everyone feels safe and secure.

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