Courier Service Costs in 2019

We want everyone to know we are still open and available 24 hours, 7 days a week during this health crisis. Our drivers are using gloves and taking other precautions to try to minimize risk. We are available for routine deliveries, but can also do prescriptions and medical pickups, bank de

Companies that make repeated deliveries to the same place each day can frequently decrease their courier provider prices with the aid of way of studying delivery styles and making minor adjustments.

That’s what Essential Couriers did currently for definitely one of our customers – and it’s a lesson that can be used other agencies that want to seriously cut their courier carrier charges.

Our purchaser is a systematic pharmacy that offerings long time care centers.  When medicines trade, need to be renewed or a new affected man or woman checks in, physicians phone in a prescription to the pharmacy.  Each have to be stuffed and delivered speedy, so there may be no hole inside the patient’s access to what's frequently life-saving remedy.

The question we had to solution changed into:  how rapid a delivery is rapid sufficient?  Staff at the long time care facility had been pleased with the issuer, however our drivers – who feature as your eyes and ears at the ground – suggested that the nurses continually expressed surprise at how speedy the deliveries arrived.  They never predicted new drug treatments till a lot later inside the day.

When the customer contacted us approximately defensive down expenses, we did an evaluation of their transport time table and discovered that we’d been sending out packages 4 or more instances an afternoon.  Given the nurses’ remarks, we came to consider they didn’t want the prescriptions pretty that fast.  As an experiment, we decided to group the meds for delivery and reduce down the variety of instances we went out every day.

In the first complete month of this new plan, we stored the organisation 30%.  Customer provider remained immoderate, with no longer a single remark from the nurses that showed they even noticed the present day time table.  In reality, they persevered to statement upon how fast our courier provider got medicines to them.

So if your business agency makes each day more than one deliveries to the same area, don't forget grouping them and having your courier company supply only some instances a day.  And in case you’re in southern California and would really like to speak about ways to cut down your courier fees, Essential Couriers might be satisfied to satisfy with you and spot what techniques may be put in area.


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