In the moment I'm just slaying and slaying

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Everyone, get ready with your down-votes because I have a question... I have one of the Treasure chests that came from Carnillean Rising, as runescape gold I'm sure that a lot of you do as well. It's been sitting in my savings account since I've completed the quest since I'm not certain how it functions or what I can do with it.

Yes, you can dig it up to hold your own private treasure hunt. However, that's not all. I'd like to add some small prizes inside and then place it in a grave. However, how else can I get it open if I'm required to place a pin in it or distribute keys. That kind'a defeats the purpose I suppose? If I choose to bury it on particular world, does it exist on all worlds or only on the one I placed it in?

What happens to it if it is buried in that spot forever, and for ever? How else can others come across it, or even know one is buried somewhere? Another issue I'm concerned about is that I'm not sure I want to start announcing a treasure hunt. It's a 99% certainty that a fraudster will turn the whole thing into a scam sooner or later.

At this point, I'm left with no clue what I should do. Personally, there is no sentimental attachment to the game or account as well as the pixels. I'm sure it was my account originally and I was the one who created the game and took it to level 100 combat but the thought that the person who did it, managed to access my account, put in so much hours and efforts into it possibly more than I have ever done It's a tragedy, and it leaves me feeling pretty guilty for restoring my account out of curiosity. If you are still reading, do you have any suggestions?

I'm about to get another chaotic , and I was contemplating which would be more effective first. At present, I'm trying to decide between the chaotic staff or the chaotic maul. I already own a rapier/long sword and I'm ok using the ee offhand for that. I also have SOL and also a the wand of treachary/grifolic. I also have BGS. BGS.

The reason I was looking for an axe is to be able to have two-hour t80 weapons and because I'd love to have crush weapons for certain task like slaying. The reason I'm interested in the staff is because in the moment I'm using wand/orb. I'm not sure if it's quicker than SOL but I haven't done any tests. Does a staff that is Chaotic be more efficient than the wand/orb combination and the SOL?

In the moment I'm just slaying and slaying, however I'd like to be able to boss again in the near future but I'll be using chaotics until I get drygores. I've been playing with bandos by using an orb/wand with blood barrage as a dual cast and am having no problems. Would a cstaff be more effective? Also, what would a cmaul be buy runescape acc at in terms of bossing? I'm hoping one day to get to nex but idk what's good for it anymore.

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