1. I'll be doing prayer as well as a few small quests.

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Indeed you can make more money when you work with Glacors. However, there are a couple of downsides - Glacors have a much higher risk of RS gold dying. Actually, it's not all that difficult to remain alive however Barrows appears to be an oaf on that department. tongue.png If you are lucky, you're definitely not making any money.

In Barrows there are a lot of items, and the average could be 700k/piece or somethingsimilar, you're also earning quite a amount of money from runes. The last time I was in a barrows streak, I made around 6 million in barrows's equipment. Then I checked my runes and they were some 2.5M. So you are constantly making money, whereas with Glacors it's very difficult to make money until you receive the boot drop, or you have enough shards for an Armadyl Battlestaff.

You can choose, but I personally prefer Barrows since it's much easier to use. What about other gold? In reality, Barrows is the only semi-rewarding activity that provides a fairly certain income. I suggest it over other activities. Otherwise I'd work towards quests as much as you can.

They're in the desert, aren't they? Are they requiring a shanty pass? I watched a YouTube video that shows players the possibility of selling identified items to an NPC and then purchase them again as items. Am I forgetting anything? Do you have any suggestions?

I just created the account, took me a while as I helped a friend, and I made around 5m from it. I'm hoping to transfer the money through drop trading but I'm not certain whether it will allow me. Since I don't know any irl friends that play, I'll take my chances by asking someone online to help me transfer the money.

1. I'll be doing prayer as well as a few small quests. I'm planning to use big bones, as they'ren't very expensive and have a relatively quick xp. If someone has a better alternative, I would love to hear. I'll use them on an altar of guilds will hopefully be used on a world that is house-based. After some study my stats are expected become...

I'm sorry for having to create a new thread but it gave me an error every time I tried to make a post in the previous one! First of all I was asked in the last thread how I came to it. I set up a new account, and while logging onto my account, there was a sign that appeared. The first time I clicked it , the whole client would stop buy Runescape gold working, but when I tried it the next day , it responded immediately and I was able to access it.

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