Wants to be a champion, Paul Pogba gives a signal to leave Manchester United

Paul Pogba has hinted that he will leave Manchester United (MU) this summer in search of trophies.


Paul Pogba has hinted that he will leave Manchester United (MU) this summer in search of trophies.

The French midfielder's contract with the Red Devils will expire at the end of June. He is expected to leave the 20-times British champions in search of a new challenge.

Pogba has admitted he is frustrated by his lack of success at club level in recent seasons and is unhappy with his role in the team at Old Trafford.

Juventus continue to be linked with the 29-year-old, while Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and PSG are said to be interested in signing him on a free transfer.

"You have to be honest, the last five seasons haven't satisfied me, not at all. This year is dead, we won't win anything. Be it with Manchester United or another club, I want to win trophies," Pogba said according to Le Figaro via Sports Mole, Wednesday (23/3/2022).

"It's simple with France, I play and I play in my position. I know my role and feel the trust of the coach and the players.

It's normal to feel the difference at Manchester United (MU) because it's difficult to be consistent when you experience it a lot. Change your position, or your team system, or your midfield partner," Pogba said.

Find New Club
Massimo Franchi put forward an interesting theory. The Italian journalist claims that Paul Pogba will return to Juventus in the summer.

There has been a lot of speculation about Pogba's future. This is because Pogba's contract at Manchester United will expire in the summer.

Until now, Pogba is reportedly not going to stay at Manchester United. He will look for a new club in the summer.

Franchi believes that it is only a matter of time before Pogba returns to Juventus. "He (Pogba) is not like himself yesterday (vs Atletico Madrid)," Franchi told CMIT TV.

Not maximal
According to Franchi, during the match against Atletico Madrid yesterday, Pogba played very badly.

He thinks Pogba is playing like everyone else, where he thinks Pogba should be able to play better in that match.

"He was like a ghost in that game. He was like his brother. The Pogba who played yesterday was not the Pogba who left Juventus."

According to Franchi, Pogba has a great chance to return to Juventus. He believes the midfielder will choose to join the Old Lady in the summer.

"I think a transfer [Pogba to Juventus] is possible. He has a great desire to come back and he is tired of Manchester and he wants to come back."






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