Nike Air Force 1 Low Get the Vintage ’90s Pops Of Color

Nike Air Force 1 Low Get the Vintage ’90s Pops Of Color


New Nike Air Force 1 Low has done little in its 39-year history. Although its latest "white/bright crimson/laser blue/black" color scheme does not completely change the design of Bruce Kilgore's similar FlyKnit and React foam versions, it adds to the already impressive roster One stroke. Similar to its most popular arrangement, the upcoming two have a "white" smooth leather base, making complementary colors pop in the spotlight. The side Swoosh logo blends into the eye-catching green gradient design, which is undoubtedly suitable for other Nike Sportswear classics. The details on the tip of the tongue and around the tip of the tongue are slightly different from the previously mentioned hue, replaced by a "bright crimson" hue, which is detracted from the green and blue styles that appear elsewhere, and the effect is very good . The soles on sports shoes mainly choose "colorless" cosmetics, but their "air" brand brings some taste of the upper below.

Considering that they are one of Travis Scott's favorite brands, READYMADE will officially join the 2021Shoes team tomorrow, not only providing one, but also two recyclable sports jacket midsoles. Distorted and brimming with weirdness, it seems that the details of hand-made, silhouette fashion of collaborative clothing have never been done. The upper, although relatively restrained in their respective black and white color schemes, makes up for all the visually busy design neutrality. In addition, iconic icons such as Swoosh have also been transformed to match them, and their form is more abstract here, although they are still inspired by tradition. Below, layers of sustainable materials decorate the base: second-hand wool adorns the toes, synthetic ripstop cloth wraps the side profile, and camouflage patterns make the entire collar militaristic.

February is a big day for Buy Cheap Yeezy Boost 350. The brand brought back the yeezy500 high, launched the new yeezy450, and showed off the next yeezy700v3. This is not all, because this month will end with Yeezy advancing 350 v2 "Graystone". One of the newest and greatest flagships, "Greystone" follows a pattern divided into three. Like its similarly named counterpart, this pair applies a loud bit of color to a neutral frame, the latter with earth tones like the best of many imprints. The pink dress runs along the sides, with gray panels on the top and a more typical brown on the bottom. The latter, although its use seems to be quite economical, then wraps around the heel and covers the entire inner side almost unabated. Elsewhere, a dark chocolate-style midsole is combined with an opaque gray outsole.



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