How do I renew my expired McAfee product subscription?

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How do I renew my expired McAfee product subscription?

To enjoy incessant antivirus protection services on your device, you are suggested to install renowned software on your device which could be none other than McAfee. Thus, if you have chosen McAfee for protecting the smart devices in your house, then you have probably made the right choice by doing so. However, there will come a time when your subscription plan for this software would expire and you'll be shown messages telling you that your antivirus protection software would no longer work from a particular date.

Thus, in that case, you might want to renew your subscription via so that you do not face any hurdles while using your device and it would get uninterrupted as well as continuous protection. However, there are a lot of us who do not know the correct procedure to renew our McAfee software.

Therefore, to help users in this situation, we are going to list below the correct procedure to renew your subscriptions even if you have ignored the previous prompts for renewal.

McAfee consumer subscription renewal method

No matter what McAfee product you are using, the subscription renewal steps for each McAfee program remain the same (maybe a slight difference could be there). Thus, to renew your subscription without any hassle, you can follow the steps that are listed below:

  1. From a device connected through the internet, go to
  2. After this, you simply need to take your mouse to the "My Account" tab
  3. This shall open a list of options on your screen from which you need to select the "Sign In" option
  4. Now, on the sign-in screen, type your registered sign in username and password
  5. Select the "Log In" button and again go to the "My Account" tab
  6. Thereafter, you need to select the "Subscriptions" menu
  7. Find the correct service from the list and then select "Renew"
  8. When prompted, type your billing information and then follow through with the prompts

That's how easily you can sign in to your McAfee account at and get your account subscription renewed.


By having a look at the procedure given above, we can say that renewing a McAfee subscription is a very easy task. One should immediately renew his subscription if he is willing to keep his device safe from attacks. Once you renew your subscription, make sure to note down the expiry date somewhere so that your device never remains vulnerable to attacks in any condition. Apart from that, you can also check your subscription renewal date on

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