Where To Buy Nike Dunk Low “Multi-Color” DD1503-106 ?

Where To Buy Nike Dunk Low “Multi-Color” DD1503-106 ?


Although many recent Nike SB Dunk products have the classic two-tone color occlusion function, some upcoming versions use multiple colors on their different panels, such as the "Free .99" Pack color scheme and the Easter-themed Dunk Low. Added to this list is the new "multicolor" women's Nike Dunk Low. Nike Dunk Low has adopted a variety of different pastel colors, and will go all out in the coming spring. This version combines multiple tones in one silhouette, sneakers that can be paired with any spring outfits you want to throw at it.
This Nike Dunk Low Multi-Color wears a white leather sole. The entire sole is decorated with black, such as tongue, insole, laces, heel and outsole. The fender cover is soft yellow, the goggles cover is decorated with red leather, and the heel cover is soft blue. The side panels are decorated with lime green Swoosh to match the color of the insole. The color scheme is reminiscent of the infamous "eBay" SB Dunk Low. The suit is made of white leather on the toes, sides and ankles. The left and right suits have the same color, but only in different positions, so they do not match. Pink, mint, purple, yellow, blue and green are used throughout the overlay, branding and insoles, while the white outsole and matching yellow outsole are placed at the bottom.
Retro Jordan 2021,The most dreamy vet is the "Viotech" iteration, which is named after the vibrant purple hue, which is displayed in multi-color finishes, which injects vitality into the former Japanese exclusive brand. Returning for the first time since 2013, the unique color scheme has opened an era that makes dunking a cultural icon. From there, we see that each overlay has its own hue. The latter reappears on textile linings, shoelaces and tongue tags, as well as the contrast stitching and tread of the soles, while the pair of soles are made of bright neon insoles. Black is used for tongue tags, shoe laces, insoles, high heels and rubber outsoles. The finishing touches include White tongues and high heels, and Volt insoles above the White midsole.
Cheap Jordans UK,This version requires a new and interesting multi-color interpretation, anyone can fall behind. This Dunk Low has our usual all-leather sole. White leather is used on the toes, side panels and ankles to maintain a classic atmosphere. Then use shades of yellow, blue, red and green to cover the toes, eyelids, ankles and Nike Swoosh logo with colored overlays. In order to complete the colorful variants, from now on, black has been used for shoelaces, insoles, tongue brands and rubber outsoles, and all colors are dark. At the foot, the tooling chose the tried-and-tested white midsole/black outsole combination shoes.



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