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When choosing Wall Mounted Faucet Manufacturers, you have to see which is cheaper. In fact, this is not right. The price of raw materials for high-quality products will never be cheap.


Most people want to come across products with good value for money. When choosing Wall Mounted Faucet Manufacturers, you have to see which is cheaper. In fact, this is not right. The price of raw materials for high-quality products will never be cheap. Therefore, when choosing a factory to request a quotation, be sure to confirm the material and model with the manufacturer to prevent the manufacturer from using inferior materials to replace good and inferior products at low prices. In addition, it is necessary to check the production base of the faucet, which is usually located in the industrial belt where the faucet is manufactured.

There are three main faucet materials, namely copper, stainless steel, and zinc alloy. The copper faucet cavity is golden yellow, and the zinc alloy faucet cavity is dark yellow with white spots. Copper is the best material. The weight and copper content of copper products are not less than 59% of the national standard.

In order to prevent oxidation, the surface of the faucet is plated with a layer of nickel or chromium resistant to neutral hydrochloric acid when it is polished and shaped to protect the faucet from corrosion. At present, the coating thickness of the international standard faucet is 8 microns, preferably 12 microns. Consumers should pay attention to the surface of the faucet when buying. There are no spots, pores and burn marks, uniform color, no burrs, and grit. It is a good product.

The faucet box is usually a stainless steel ball box and a ceramic box. Ceramic filter elements are widely used because of their low water pollution, high wear resistance, and good sealing performance. Faucets with ceramic ink cartridges are more comfortable to use, their handles can swing to move the ink cartridges without obstacles, and can be quickly opened or closed.

Usually, better quality faucets will have aerators. Its main function is to prevent the water flow from spreading and make the water flow relatively straight and not splashing. The intuitive feeling is to hit your hand with small bubbles. In addition, it also has some water-saving features.

If you really do not distinguish, consumers can identify well-known brands, well-known brands have rich experience in Bathtub Faucets For Sale, but also get better after-sales protection. Informal products or substandard products usually only have some paper labels attached, even if there is no mark. Branded goods have the manufacturer's brand logo, and the product certificate and after-sales service should also be included in the packaging. Be sure to pay attention to the logo when purchasing.



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