How To Order Quality Stool Mould

When designing stool products, we must consider its weight and strength.


When designing stool products, we must consider their weight and strength. You can make the bottom of the Stool Mould strong enough by adding more ribs. What about the stool's legs, chair back and cushions? For this, you need to analyze the intensity of each area. If you want to make the stool light and strong, you need to choose a low melt index PP material. How to order high-quality stool molds? First of all, we must conduct an on-site inspection and in-depth understanding in order to select a suitable and experienced Stool Mould manufacturer.

As we all know, as long as it is a mold factory, it can produce injection chair molds, but to produce high-quality injection chair molds, not all factories can do it.

How to ensure the service life of the stool mold? Many people will say that they can guarantee one million times, so what is the definition of one million times? Does this mean that the mold is damaged or there is no flash after the mold has been run a million times? If you cut the flashlight by hand, then I think you can use this mold to produce 10 million stools. Therefore, you need to check the hardness of the steel and whether the mold has welded parts. Normally, the hardness of steel should be HRC33.

TAIZHOU HUANGYAN SHINE MOULD CO., LTD. is one of the leading Chinese plastic mold suppliers in Southeast China. SHINE MOLD focuses on the manufacturing of household molds, Package Mould, plastic furniture molds, thin-wall molds, automobile molds, and pipe fitting molds. We always adhere to the concepts of rapid manufacturing, long-life molds, and on-time delivery to create value for customers.



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