Knees are the largest and most important joints in our bodies.

Chronic knee pain can be one of the most frustrating kinds of physical discomfort. Just when you start to feel like you're getting some relief, you find that your knee strikes back with a vengeance. The problem with chronic knee pain is that it never really goes away. It's always there in the background affecting your life and preventing you from doing things you know you ought to do (exercise, movement, etc.).

We here at the clinic have good news for you: you do not need to suffer from this ever again! In fact, Pilates can drastically help eliminate the feeling of soreness that persists as a result of physical exertion. But, some exercises are better than others in reducing ailments such as this.

Knees are the largest and most important joints in our bodies. They enable us to walk, run, skip, jump and play - just about any way we can think of. And they do it all while feeling virtually weightless to us. When we bend and straighten them, they give us the feeling of being in control and on an equal level with whatever we are trying to interact with whether it is a coffee cup or a sprinting opponent on the field.

If you have ever experienced knee pain, it is likely that you were surprised by its sudden appearance. However, many causes of knee pain stem from underlying problems that develop slowly over time. Pain in one or both knees is a common symptom of osteoarthritis, but other problems that can cause knee pain.

Many people are unaware that Physical Therapy Montclair can help with chronic knee pain. If you find yourself dealing with chronic knee pain, you may be missing out on an easy solution to fixing your problem for good.

Common Causes of Knee Pain

Chronic knee pain can happen to anybody, at any time no matter what activity they are doing or where they are located. Predicting who gets knee pain and when it will strike is unknown as of yet.

You are at a point where your chronic knee pain is keeping you awake at night. You have visited a physical therapist and tried everything they recommended, but the pain still haunts you. You have been to a doctor and received medications, which seemed to make matters worse. Now you are left with no answers and only dread what the future holds.

  • Knee Injuries (sprained or strained ligaments of muscle)
  • Weight gain/weight loss
  • Torn cartilage
  • Accidental wear and tear
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Arthritis and osteoarthritis 
  • Gout
  • Infections
  • Tendonitis

If you are experiencing chronic pain, you're not alone. It is a common ailment that affects both young and old alike. One of the most common complaints among patients who visit our office is knee pain. Knee pain can be transferred from the foot – especially if you have flat feet (which I suspect many do if they are experiencing knee pain!) But if your arches are low, this is not always the case.

We all experience pain. Some days it is more than others. But when you reach your point of no return, it's important to seek out the advice of a trained professional and someone who can help you through the difficulties that come with having a physical ailment and a treatment plan.

Symptoms of Chronic Knee Pain

Most people can deal with the sudden onset of pain. After the initial jolt, they can deal with it. Some of us may take some medicine and rest a bit, but most of us can quickly get back to our regular activities. We do not let the pain control us. For others, however, this is not the case.

Chronic joint pain or chronic knee pain is defined as pain that lasts for more than 4-6 months, and is considered the most difficult type of pain to treat.

Pain is the most common symptom of chronic knee pain. It generally occurs at night or after periods of inactivity, and can be mild to severe. The type or severity of pain you have may vary over time. For example, sometimes you may have a constant mild ache, while other times there may be more severe bouts of pain that come on suddenly and last for certain amount of time. After the sharpness of your pain decreases, you may continue to feel a dull ache that can last throughout the day and night.

  • Swelling
  • Tenderness
  • Sensitivity 

If you suffer from pain, you will most likely seek relief. If you don't, then there is something radically wrong with your constitution to begin with. The problem is that, over time, the nature in which we are taught to deal with pain, changes.

Does Therapy for Chronic Knee Pain Work?

It is important to understand the difference between the variety of treatments that are available for chronic knee pain. This can help you separate out the quick fixes from the long-term solutions, giving you an idea of how to focus your efforts on reducing that pain.

If you are considering getting a knee replacement, or questioning whether a knee replacement is right for you, this article will tell you exactly what you need to know about knee replacement surgery.


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